‘Gregory August Britt / DuLubrique’ AKA nicknamed by ‘Hells Angels finest Bike Club member’ Scott as “SKIPPY” and known by high school vandals as “HAMMY” around the year 2005 with the homeless shoplifting population titling me “the Kid” before marijuana legalization had taken place. Gregory A.B. is known to be a transient multitalented individual who thrives on working with others and is truly passionate about using time management to stay ahead of the game. He brings a fresh perspective to every engagement and specializes in numerous aspects of the business-scape including bookkeeping for board expenses, business correspondence for corporate investigations, customer service in business specific workplaces, and internet radio broadcasting on the amazon echo. With over a decade of FM radio (call in on 98.3 MOVE FM) broadcasting, global news (channel 116 on EPICO) television appearances, newspaper photography & reprography advertising (Post Media / The Kingston Whig Standard/This Week) and networking with people, Gregory is adept in dealing with the Kingston, Ontario community in Canada through various media to facilitate communication/dialog, relationships, and informational empowerment. Commitment to excellence distinguishes his dedicated services.

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