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Even if you were dieing of thirst, I wouldn’t let you drink the sweat off my bawlz! 😛

Grandma Phoebe Lupien (1923 Native Iroquois w/ Status)

Gregory, You certainly do make me proud. Just by getting a job ,liking it and working at it. Many people are too lazy to get jobs but not you. Stage hands is a very good profession. In New York they make a lot of money, but you have to be a relative of someone already doing it to be hired. Is Boston Pizza any good? We don’t have them in Detroit, although there are plenty of other places that sell pizza, As a stage hand, who gives the signal to move this set or that piece etc. Do you have an overall boss that directs you guys what and when??? Please tell me all about it, as it interests me greatly.

Grandpa Lawrence Crabtree (1930 Detroit & Windsor Symphony Orchestra’s)

Giving you injections is something I don’t want to do. It was never my intention to give you injections at any point but I would have been moral support while you gave yourself injections. Even if I was willing to give injections, it makes no sense for me to travel 20 min there and 20 min home for something you can do yourself in 1 min. You are able to do this Honey! You just need to be very disciplined and make yourself do it.

Mother Hilary Britt (1962 Pharmatech & Architect)

People try to scam the CRA all the time, it’s good the taxman makes them accountable. Landlords are basically house pimps.

Stepdad Dr. David DuQuesnay (RMC Professor of Civil & Mechanical Engineering)


Phrase & any Notes:

“..if I could of gone back in time,
I would tell the crappy talent agencies
out there that say this website made me a
loser that they could “FUCK THE FUCK OFF PATSIES!
…why should photos cost $900 like mom
told me???” Excuse the fuck out of me. 😛

Disability Inclusion

I take drugs like:
1. Seroquel (GmbH GERMANY) as prescribed by Dr. N. Delva &
2. Dopamine Injection (OTSUKA JAPAN) as originally prescribed by Dr. J. Baldock &
3. Insulin (NOVO NORDISK & BANTING CANADA) as changed to by Dr. B. Sidhu
for treating illnesses such as:
1. OCD, (like Camila Cabello) &
2. ODD, (like nobody other than me, myself and I according to: healthresearchfunding.org) &
3. TYPE II DIABETES. (like Tom Hanks)

Bid of Farewell

This website is rated R for containing fowl language. We accept all opinions of yourself and others so please do feel free to share anything you see while you are here right now with a friend, alien or a family member. Remember not to talk to mom and dad about politics at the dinner table. May you stay out of trouble with parents today in total peace and comfort. Chao! Bye! Asta la vista! Cheerio! So long! Stay safe! Be nice and have a locomotive or automotive day at gods speed of light. See yah!

Long term friendship (listed in order of highest integrity first) over my life span provided by as follows:

1. Kyle S-xxxxxxxxxx-n
2. Luke G-xxxxx-e
3. Cleo B-xxxxxx-w
4. Monica J-xxxx-r
5. Franco L-xxxxxxx-i
6. Barb R-xxxxxx-n
7. Steven B-xxx-e
8. Garth L-xxxxx-e

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