Magical Artforms (NEW)

Magicians do not need you attempting dangerous magic, so they tend to keep their tricks to themselves. I am willing to bet that you cannot walk through anything hot such as electrical wires or flames. Glass, Brick, Concrete and mortar are all I explain as safe to walk through in the disappearance magic trick. David Copperfield walked through a large metal or plastic fan in Detroit. Please do not mix gases unless you know what they do. The sun is made of explosive gases that I explain are extremely dangerous to combine. Was 3.14 known as PI the first calculated seconds the world was recorded still for by a scribe? Pure 24k gold will attract the hottest portion of the sun to the biggest clump of this metal due to its magnetic strength to hydrogen and helium due to its weight and density being the lightest combination on the periodic table of elements. Gravity also holds us down to the ground so we cause the world to fight the magnetic properties and as a result the world will spin. The world spinning will stop at random intervals adding up to a precise total each day that cannot be predicted to create a very interesting sense of probability to those who inhabit the planet earth. Schizophrinics would only see hallucinations while they are not on the rotating world for the total of 4 mins every day we lose off the clock. I not only think people could die in the process of practicing magical art forms but I have painfully walked through a whole psych hospital ward going south to north for 4 mins wondering how this phenomena occurred near the St. Lawrence river flowing east same as the worlds rotation. Is a magicians trick the river next to you has pulled you so hard that light took David through the Great Wall of china? Did water take me through solid matter (brick, glass, mortar, etc.) where this happened or is solid matter a form of light that we could walk through? I think fire is warning magicians that this concept is not safe to play out on another, it might be the only element on earth that we cannot walk through due to its intensity.

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