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This indie website is not for sale. Gregory August Britt has made this website on his own. Zero tolerance for any production companies attempting to libel or slander this individual. As well, this website will never be reproduced by 3rd parties and stay the blog described as ‘A/VLOG’ he has designed on his own time. Morals are a 2 way street going down division street in K-Town. I might like going north and cop cars fly north right though a red light on more than one occasion. Most go north and are very wonderful people. I do not care your driving south division, but please don’t uturn every 6 seconds at 5:00 being two faced in personality. Every logo & photo I have purchased you are given permission to print if your not making money or editing it for your own financial gain. These are made and controlled copyright by the following graphic design companies: (1) Amazon Web Services OR (AWS / (2) Deluxe Payroll (DELUXE / (3) Envato Elements (ENVATO / If the event were to occur where Law Enforcement presents I am being arrested for any truthfulness or falsehood, these appropriate parties will have attempted court ordered subpoena immediately. False Allegations of Sexual Assault have been reported to SIU.ON.CA/ in the past where KINGSTON POLICE arrived, and if this continued would result in jail time to law enforcement officers and accuser. Web titles are registered at a B.C. law firm and presented as website business domain names only with the dot on all marketing publications. On this later date of October 12th / 2023 where I have added this page to my published URL from my heart I feel sorry for you having to read anything you find mean or rude by any method of electronic or physical communication. Let’s start over from the beginning as of this date in time. You are who I expect to be smarter with your age over 35+ as I told my parents and I take your word for it that something I said may of been wrong in the past. I don’t need to write you as much as you may be thinking and you could do whatever you want in the situation I send you one. I may of told you through legal disputes that faxes and phone calls are legal proof documenting verbal and written agreements and decisions making email, music, books and movies silly and seeming non lawful non-fiction stories although I try hard not to tell a fib to the people who listen. You might find faxes are better and phonecalls more comforting as I provided contact methods on the contact page on this website. Please feel free to contact me as to whether I have broken the law or not IF you know Ontario Law as provided on the Ontario website at:

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