Favourite Foods

The last time I went to Harpers Burger Bar, (Downtown Kingston,) I had the #1 Classic with HBB Sauce and Fries. I think the Fries come with it totalling around $15.00. You can pay extra for bacon and cheddar for an extra $3.00. I’m thinking about going again one day. The burgers are better quality than you would get at McDonalds or Burger King. I found Burger King kind of throws food at you and doesn’t seem to care much about their customers. McDonalds has friendly staff, but the food is cooked to quick for what you pay them.

I really enjoy the cheese nachos with beef and a pint at the Toucan. Their orders are big for around $15.00 or a bit more you get enough for about 2. There beer goes on sale on certain days.

Are you down to only a few bucks and don’t know what to get for food? Try eating at Martha’s Table in Kingston. Dinner only costs $1.00 and their volunteers are normally friendly.

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